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Darlene P. Campos

Editing Bio


Hello! In addition to being an author, I am an editor. Over the last few years, I have freelance edited resumes, college essays, and cover letters for friends and family. As of 2021, I have launched Campos Corrections as my official editing business. 


My rates vary depending what is needed, but if I feel your written piece is already in great shape and only requires minimal editing, I will let you know ASAP so we can discuss a price adjustment. Payment plans are an option as well. Testimonials from my clients are on this page and references are also available upon request.





MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso


BA in English with a Creative Writing concentration from the University of Houston, minor in Medicine and Society Studies


AA in Fine Arts from Houston Community College


CRLA Certified Writing Tutor, Levels I-III




I have been a writing tutor and English test preparation instructor at a community college since 2013. I am also a writing coach for a tutoring platform where I virtually assist college students from all over the USA revise their essays. During a typical school year, I read and edit about 500 essays. I truly love helping others with their writing. As a writer, I know how frustrating it can be to get stuck on a piece and not know how to make it shine. In my eight years of editing experience, I have never seen a written work that could not be improved. Don't lose hope if you are feeling stuck --- I am here to help you out!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me ---- I'd love to work with you on your project!


Darlene Campos beta read my middle grade novel and helped tremendously with tightening. She also read my romance novel and made sure the accent marks on the Spanish words were correct. She’s amazing, efficient, and fast!

-Donna Muñoz

A writer's best friend is a good editor and Darlene is that for me. She had a quick turnaround and excellent feedback on ways to improve characters, plot, and voice in several of my pieces. Because of her suggestions, I felt confident in submitting my work to journals and agencies which have resulted in publications and requests for full manuscripts.

-Elizabeth P.

I was lucky enough to be chosen by Darlene for the Pitch Wars contest in 2020. As an editor, Darlene sees both the big picture and the little things. She is kind, thorough and always knows where to add the funny. She gave my middle grade manuscript greater depth and clarity. Darlene is kind, with a keen eye for character development, plot structure and opportunities for humour. Highly recommended!

-Lynn Leitch 

Darlene is an absolute rock star!!! Her insight and enthusiasm were vital to me having successful pitches and query letter, which ultimately helped me find a literary agent. Not only is she great at seeing the “big picture” - Darlene was also super helpful at the micro level, helping me pick the exact words to develop the right punch! Her turnaround time was quick and she is a delight to work with! Highly recommend!!!

-Layla Hersch

First, and foremost, Darlene Campos was, and continues to be, my cheerleader! She committed full-heartedly to help me edit my manuscript. Not only did she share her expertise, Darlene also helped strengthen my novel’s plot and its development. She worked closely with me as I polished the all-important first pages that give readers a glimpse into my character’s world. I owe Darlene a debt of gratitude for getting my manuscript be the best version of itself! Working with her is a pleasure. Her positive attitude and professionalism are just the beginning. Once you’ve worked with Darlene Campos, you’ll get a lot more than just an editor, you’ll feel like you’ve made a friend.

-Angie Gomez-Dickerson

A novel I had completed several years ago had been sitting on a virtual shelf and I didn't know what to do with it. I asked a wise Darlene to take a look at the book and give any feedback she thought would make it marketable and publishable. Darlene carefully went through the book and found not only mistakes that other people who had seen the book had missed, but she made some very insightful suggestions that I had never thought of such as different angles for the novel's delivery. Before Darlene looked at the book, I didn't know what to do with it. After receiving her feedback, I was confident that the book would be publishable and now have hope for its future. Most notability, Darlene continuously communicated updates on her progression while working on the book and I felt that that was really professional of her. She is careful, intuitive, knowledgeable, experienced, and dependable.

-B. Allan Mullin

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