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Good News!

On 10-24-2018, I started an outline for THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. On 11-1-2018, I started the first draft and finished on 11-27. It was a little over 75K words. I revised a couple times and started sending it out to literary agents and indie publishing houses on 1-30-2019.

On 4-30-19, I tweeted this. On 12-11-2019, I got an offer from an indie house and then I had to notify everyone who had my manuscript about the offer. On 1-8-2020, I got a phone call. Some days later, my husband got me the promised cheese rolls.

After 10+ drafts, lots of tears, and 106 rejections, I am soooooo overjoyed to share that I am now represented by Allison Hellegers at Stimola Literary Studio! Fun fact: Stimola is the agency that brought the world THE HUNGER GAMES!!!

So what does this mean? With an agent representing me, I now have a shot to sign a contract with major publishing houses. What's going to happen with my book? We'll just have to wait and see what the future holds for it. Movie? Netflix series? Who knows? But, it's a greater possibility now than before.

I will always be thankful to Vital Narrative Press for giving me my first book deal. I miss them already, but even though I've spread my wings, VN and I remain the best of friends. They changed my life.

I have an agent! Tengo una agente! יש לי סוכנת!

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