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I'm officially in a bookstore!

This has been my little secret for a couple of months and I'm so happy to finally share the news.

Seeing one of my books in a bookstore has been a dream of mine for many years. However, getting a book into a bookstore is not easy. There are forms to fill out, time to wait, management decisions, and unfortunately, unless you're a big shot author, the answer is usually "no."

When I heard that Brown Sugar Cafe & Books was looking for books to fill their shelves, I wasn't feeling too optimistic but decided to give it a shot anyway. I filled out their form and waited for a while and then one evening, I got an email from the management:

"Yes Darlene! We love your book!"

Yesterday I attended the grand opening and seeing my book on a shelf made me cry tears of absolute joy. This dream finally came true.

You can now buy MR. RAY'S BARBERSHOP in English or Spanish at Brown Sugar Café and Books at 5330 Fry Road in Katy, TX. It's in the Sugar Babies section at the right corner of the store. Please support this local independent bookstore!

I wish I could tell my father in law that the book I wrote about him is officially in a bookstore, but I think, somehow, he already knows ❤️.

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