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Publishing News for May

Hey y'all!

It's been a busy month for me with publishing-related stuff. Here we go:

My creative nonfiction piece titled "Four Women" was released today! Big thanks to The Hellebore literary journal for giving my work a home. "Four Women" is dedicated to my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who worked so hard in their youths so that their children could have better lives. I would not be the woman I am today without these phenomenal women as my strength and inspiration. The piece is available here:

On Friday, I signed a contract with Accelerate Education. A representative of AE read my story titled "Find Buster," originally published in 2021 by Ember Journal for Young Readers and contacted me about using it for their fifth grade reading curriculum. I'm very happy to say it is now official: "Find Buster" will be read and studied by fifth-graders throughout the United States! I wrote "Find Buster" in 2015. It is based on a neighbor who sadly lost her dog due to a careless dog sitter. Thousands of people in my area searched for the dog, including myself and my now-husband, and even a pet psychic was consulted. Unfortunately, he was never found. "Find Buster" is dedicated to him, wherever he may be, and it is an honor to know children across the country will be getting to know him through this story. To read "Find Buster," click here:

While I'm definitely more of a fiction and nonfiction writer, I occasionally write poetry. I'm happy to announce my latest poem, titled "The Gift of Tears," will be published by Wingless Dreamer in the next couple of weeks! The anthology, Vanish in Poetry, is now available for preorder for $15 USD. Get your copy here:

And finally, I wrote another picture book! It took lots of revising and tweaking, but at last, I got it to a good enough draft for my literary agent's eyes and we will be looking for a publishing house very soon. This book is loosely based on my grandmother's diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease. If this book gets a publishing deal, I plan to donate some of the proceeds to End Alz. Wish me luck on this adventure!

That's all for now! As we say in Texas, see y'all later.

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